Weekly Report 2019 March #4

1. Development Progress


In the wallet section, the official hot wallet will be released in the new version 0.1.5, and the official cold wallet will be released in the new version 0.1.2.

  1. Hot and cold wallet interactive upgrade, new receipt (invoice) for QR code, easy to scan QR code input.

  2. Increase the interaction between the wallet and the browser, click on the transaction ID to easily query the corresponding transaction in the browser.

  3. The previous large amount of precision loss problem will also be solved in this version.


Smart contract and Token publishing functions are expected to be tested and tuned in the test network in April, and then connected to the main chain.

On the official hot wallet, the Token function UI has been developed and is waiting for API docking.

2. Global Community

Well-known crypto influencer HackCrypto is recommending V SYSTEMS to its tens of thousands of global digital currency users. In the video, VSYS’s PoS supernode mining is described in detail. HackCrypto is the world’s professional PoS mining influencer.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g0mouv7dbg

This week, ZB Group’s three digital currency exchanges ZB, ZBG and BW opened the joint LaunchPad and promoted V SYSTEMS. More than 300,000 people participated in the whole event. On the day of the ZB exchange listing, the hourly trading volume of VSYS was once reach 14 million US dollars, the user growth is very fast.

Several media reported on V SYSTEMS, including:

Cointelegraph: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/zbs-first-launchpad-vsys-coin-listed-today-with-huge-trading-volume

Coincodex: https://coincodex.com/article/3294/how-to-buy-v-systems-vsys-on-kucoin/

Mars Finance: https://www.huoxing24.com/newsdetail/20190330123908027753.html

Golden Finance: https://www.jinse.com/blockchain/336071.html

Mars Finance once again interviewed Sunny King about many further plans of V SYSTEMS


More blockchain media reports VSYS: Please Google or Baidu VSYS

We are further communicating with a number of quotation sites such as CMC, and will update VSYS information and data in the near future so that community fans can find it more easily.

3. Supernode

This week, the supernode runs smoothly, and some super nodes are upgrading the server to get better performance.

Three communities with huge users are actively preparing for VSYS super nodes.

ZB Group: A large user community with over $10 million in daily trading volume.

Cobo Wallet: Has a top PoS mining brand in asian market.

Fengwo: Has a very large professional miners group.

At present, several super nodes are actively productizing the PoS mining, and we will assist them in releasing more services to users.

4. Developer Community

Since our upcoming smart contract and token functions will begin to support STO and development teams wishing to develop, please contact us. Bd@v.systems

5. Team and Partners

The team will recruiting more developers from Sunny King’s previous network, we will annouce more key developer members very soon.

2019年3月第4週 週報




  1. 冷熱錢包交互升級,收款二維碼新增收據(invoice),方便掃二維碼輸入

  2. 增加了錢包和瀏覽器的交互,點擊交易ID可以很方便的查詢到瀏覽器裡對應的那筆交易

  3. 之前的大額精度損失問題也會在這個版本解決





知名數字貨幣網紅HackCrypto正在對其數萬全球數字貨幣用戶推薦V SYSTEMS,在視頻中詳細介紹了VSYS的SPoS超級節點挖礦,HackCrypto是全球專業的PoS挖礦網紅。請觀看視頻:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g0mouv7dbg

本週ZB集團三個數字貨幣交易所ZB、ZBG、BW開啟了聯合LaunchPad,一起推廣V SYSTEMS,整個活動有30多萬人參與,在隨後上線ZB交易所當日,VSYS幣的每小時交易量一度突破了1400萬美金,用戶增長非常迅猛。

多家媒體對V SYSTEMS進行了報導,包括:





火星財經再次採訪了Sunny King談到了V SYSTEMS的很多進一步計劃


更多區塊鏈媒體報導VSYS:請Google或者Baidu VSYS





ZB集團:擁有日交易量超 1000萬美金的超大用戶社區。





由於我們即將發布的智能合約和token功能將開始支持STO,希望進行相關開發的開發團隊,請聯繫我們。 bd@v.systems


團隊正在引進Sunny King的更多全球粉絲和開發者參與項目開發。


V SYSTEMS is a native blockchain database and decentralized app platform that aims to create a brand new digital economy era. The project is led by chief architect, Sunny King, the legendary blockchain developer and creator of Proof of Stake (PoS), who initiated the first PoS project with Peercoin and was also the creator of Primecoin.

V SYSTEMS’ mission is to create a future economy built upon millions of blockchains. To fulfill this mission, V SYSTEMS creates a scalable and stable infrastructure that brings a healthy blockchain ecosystem based on the next evolution of PoS, Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS). V SYSTEMS aims to materialize the vision by building an innovative database cloud to make blockchain development swift and easy.

The mainnet and supernodes of V SYSTEMS have been operating since Q4 2018. The performance has been proven stable with industrial level TPS.

Project Name: V SYSTEMS

Official Website: https://www.v.systems

Project Introduction documents: https://v.systems/whitepaper.html

Learn how to participant supernode minting : https://v.systems/supernode.html

About VSYS Coin

V SYSTEMS’s cryptocurrency exchange ticker: VSYS

VSYS Coin lists on exchanges: https://v.systems/start.html

VSYS Coin on coinmarketcap page: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/v-systems/

Short Summary for VSYS Coin:

5,142,858,000 VSYS Coins (genesis block) Annual inflation rate around 5%, issued through supernode minting. VSYS Coins will be burnt during transaction, deflation may occur as a result.

VSYS coins are the cryptocurrency on V SYSTEMS blockchain.

About the V SYSTEMS Team

Architect: Sunny King

Sunny King, a legendary blockchain developer, is the inventor of Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and creator of three cryptocurrencies/blockchain projects, including V SYSTEMS, Peercoin and Primecoin. Each project brings important advancements to blockchain technology and its community.

Sunny King Wiki:

Sunny King Twitter:


Sunny King’s statement on the V SYSTEMS public chain:


Core Developer Team Introduction:

The core developer team are experts from ex-Oracle,VMware,Google, Uber, and more other silicon valley tech companies. The leading developer team are all world’s top database scientists and mathematicians.

Social Medias of V SYSTEMS

Telegram: https://t.me/VSYSOfficialGroup

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5095853.0

VSYS Talk: http://talk.v.systems

VSYS Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSYSCoin

Sunny King Twitter: https://twitter.com/sunnyking9999

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vsystemsofficial

Medium: https://medium.com/vsystems

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/V_SYSTEMS