VSYS Game 2 -- Up to 499.99 VSYS Reward

Hi All, The Game is back! If you have not tried the token creation function on V, it is the good time now. The challenge is to create your own token on the testnet https://test.v.systems/ and share the following details with the community here:

  1. Create and issue a token by posting your testnet blockchain details
  2. Assign the Issuer’s right to a different address, and then get the issuing right back. (snap shot on Testnet Explorer would help)
  3. Test the Split/Reverse-split functions with different parameters, and post all details from your results (i.e. decimal differences after different splittings)
  4. There is no correct/perfect answers to above, but we need to see your approach and feedback.

It requires 100 testnet VSYS for token creation (same amount for mainnet), so please post your testnet address here if you don’t have enough coins.

I will determine the best result, and you can get up to 499.99 VSYS reward . Plus more rewards will be given out to others for trying. The deadline for submitting is 2020-7-1 . Have fun!!



330 Testnet VSYS on their way to you. Good luck!

That should be more than enough for your to create 3 tokens and making many transactions. I am surprised that no one has submitted any good answers. Is it that hard or the reward is just too low? lol Where’s @TwinTBeast ? :sweat_smile:

Hi, you still can submit your results since no one has submitted anything yet. There will be no deadline and I will increase the rewards to more than 500 VSYS. Yes, it can be 501, 999 or 1000 depends on the quality of your results. Cheers!!