V Systems Weekly Report

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In this weekly report (1st week of September 2020) : The V-Cloud service is getting ready to release, providing organisations with an extremely easy way of integrating with the VSYS Blockchain. VSYS has been Listed on Korean exchange CoinOne. Please read the full report below.

In this weekly report (2nd week of September 2020): The atomic swap contract is currently in its test stages. In later releases, cross-chain swaps, or VSYS to token swaps will be possible. Once the contract feature is sure to be robust it will be released for public usage. Our Chief Architect Sunny King had a quick and informative Q&A with our supernode Staked.Tachyon’s Node Manager 2.0 has started an invitation-only testing in its node community. Please read the full report below.

Here are the third and fourth weekly report for the month of September 2020.



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Sir.the vsys weekly report is too general and superficial.
This is called the project report.

Our team is actually planning to change our approach and make it into a monthly digest.

This is not a difference between a weekly report and a monthly report,
but your report has no substantive content and is too superficial.