V SYSTEMS comparation table

Main use case

V SYSTEMS is designed to be a complete blockchain toolkit and a DApp platform with additional features like general purpose database to be implemented later on. The goal is to offer all the tools needed to integrate the blockchain technology into existing business or start a new business which is able to leverage the blockchain technology in order to be more competitive.

Block time

V SYSTEMS network currently operates at steady pace of 4s per block, however it is easily scalable down to 1s per block.

Consensus algorithm

Supernode Proof-Of-stake is a blockchain consensus algorithm, invented by Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake technology. Good analogy that describes the SPoS well is to imagine it as proof-of-stake version of mining pool concept found with PoW blockchains.The coinholders lease their coins to a supernode which then uses them to compete against other supernodes and produce new blocks, much like PoW miners “pool” their collective hashpower with the pool operator which then uses it to try to find new blocks. The SPoS consensus algorithm gives the supernodes equal standing and minting output in the network, this built-in equilibrium mechanism can prevent the formation of monopoly in the minting pool market

Smart contracts

V SYSTEMS uses in-house developed “Euclid” smart contract language which does not offer Turing-completenes for security reasons. Euclid is designed with two things in mind: security and ease of use.
Euclid is not Turing complete at the moment but Turing feature-parity is planed for the future.

Block time: 4s 15-25s 0.5s
Main use-case: Blockchain toolkit / DApp platform DApp platform Decentralized OS / DApp platform
Consensus algorithm: SPoS dBFT DPoS
Number of block validators: 15 (up to 60) 7 21
Smart contract language: Euclid C#/Go/Python WASM
Turing complete smart contracts: No. Yes. Yes.
Inflation (anually): 5% Arbitrary, decided by the NEO council 5%
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