Top Cosmos Validator Forbole Joins V SYSTEMS as a Supernode Candidate


4 November — A top Cosmos validator Forbole announced to join V SYSTEMS as a supernode candidate called “Forbole V”.

Please check Forbole’s official announcement here:

As one of the top 10 validators in the Cosmos Network, the Forbole team will utilize its node operation knowledge and experience to provide quality staking services for the VSYS community.

“We are thrilled to gain recognition in the wider PoS community, and have Forbole join us as a supernode candidate. They have an established reputation as an active contributor in Cosmos, I believe the Forbole team will further leverage its network to grow VSYS’ influence and attract more developers and users to join the ecosystem,” said Alex Yang, CEO of V SYSTEMS.

V SYSTEMS will continue to explore more strong names and communities in the blockchain industry for potential partnerships, to extend our vision and bring V SYSTEMS to wide adoption.

About Forbole

Forbole is an award-winning blockchain staking and technology solution provider. We provide enterprise-level infrastructure and services for various blockchain ecosystems and create open-source software and tools to achieve wide-adoption of the technology.

Official Website:


V SYSTEMS is a general purpose blockchain database for decentralized applications. Led by Chief Architect Sunny King, the V SYSTEMS blockchain has implemented his new innovative consensus algorithm — Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) . V SYSTEMS aims to deliver decentralized database cloud technology that is scalable and durable, with high finality, performance and the highest resistance to 51% attacks.

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