Threefold - V systems Supernode

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An Internet that empowers sustainability, freedom, & equality

We are a decentralized Cloud Company , we would like to host your supernode , please have a look at our website :

ThreeFold Grid is an alternative to centralized cloud providers – a global, neutral, and sustainable network of autonomous storage and compute Internet capacity created by ThreeFold Farmers, with more than 40,000,000 GB and 15,000 cores existing today. Any application which can run on Linux can run on the ThreeFold Grid but with more privacy, security, closer to the end-user, and at a much lower cost.

We believe the world needs a decentralized Internet, to bring sustainable and neutral access to information and education for our generations and those to come. And we at ThreeFold are committed to providing you with the best complementary solutions.

Looking forward to this.