The "Hash Rate" of has increased, and your reward shares might have dropped

Hi, I look at the average total staked VSYS on each Supernode similar to the “hash rate” in bitcoin. The higher the staked rate, the more secure the system gets. It also means that the rewards of each staking holders will be decreased (if the holder’s amount of staked VSYS not changed). I’ve noticed that the averaged staked amount of each SN have been increased to about 115M from around 90M couple months ago (that’s about 27% increase). Hence, please don’t be surprised if you see your VSYS rewards have been decreasing. And the only way to keep up with the rewards rate that you wanted is to increase your staking share to the SN pool, just like how btc miners to increase their hashing power when they want to maintain their mining shares. Oh well…maybe not exactly the same comparison since VSYS staking holders also get the additional precious IPX and other future tokens. I’d like hear what the community thinks about this. Peace!

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Obviously, its price has performed very badly this year. Explain that its influence and value are not high.

I find this to be a strongly positive development.

We always want to have as high as possible a total percentage of existing tokens staked. If there are 100 vsys, 90/100 (90% staked) is better than 50/100 (50% staked), because we get more security on our network. Additionally, increases in staking signal confidence in the network overall, since staked coins can’t be sold until their leases are canceled.

Nice job watching network conditions @Libero!