Tachyon Node Setup Guide


A forum user, @TwinTBeast has created an awesome setup guide for Tachyon nodes that even includes how to set up a node.

Tachyon NM Implementation Guide (1).pdf (3.2 MB)

If you’re a Windows user and want to set up a node, this is currently the best way.

Also, if you’re a mac user and unsure what to do, @TwinTBeast’s guide will walk you through every single step of the way if you just skip the section on setting up a virtual machine.

On behalf of the Tachyon team and community, a hearty thanks to @TwinTBeast for this guide!




Awesome! Thank you @TwinTBeast !!


If you happen to be using Vultr to set up a Tachyon node, they’ve given me a referral link that gives you $100 in free credits (and also rewards me with $25 in credits).

Here’s the link:

Just a heads up for anyone that’s on a budget and wants to dedicate their disk space as paged ram to increase their VPS instance’s performance can do the following:
login as root

su root

fallocate -l 3G /swapfile
chmod 600 /swapfile
mkswap /swapfile
swapon /swapfile
echo -e “/swapfile none swap sw 0 0 \n” >> /etc/fstab


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