Tachyon Bootstrap

Hi, I’m pleased to announce that the Tachyon network has entered “Bootstrap Mode.”

This means that we are just about ready for the network to begin paying node operators. We have put together an article on medium explaining more about bootstrap mode.

The article above explains how much it costs to become a bootstrap node operator, how much you might earn as a bootstrap node operator, and more!

if you have any questions at all about our bootstrap mode please don’t hesitate to ask them here or in the Tachyon Telegram.

Thank you!


Thanks for the heads up! Do applicants need to have the minimum requirement of 20K IPX in the wallet prior applying? Also, is it required to submit multi IPX addresses for multi nodes (if more than 1 node). Good luck and thank you!

Thanks for the questions!

  • Applicants do not need to have 20,000 IPX in the wallet they use to apply with, instead they’ll need 20,000 IPX when they actually set up their node. There’s no minimum amount on the application wallet.

  • Applicants do not need to submit multiple addresses if they plan to run multiple nodes. They’ll need one address per node, and 20,000 IPX per node, when it’s time to set up their nodes.