Staking 2.0 & Close Partnerships

People often ask me what makes V Systems special.

For me, these two points are key:

Close Partnerships

At V Systems, we establish close partnerships with high-value projects, typically from non-blockchain, technology oriented fields. We then assist our close partners in any way possible, including making accomodations for them as needed on our mainnet.

Staking 2.0
Staking 2.0 allows users to earn ecosystem tokens from our partner projects by staking VSYS. The first Staking 2.0 token, IPX, is already released.

Are you getting IPX for staking VSYS? What do you think about it?


I did receive IPX. I like the idea of getting multiple tokens for staking VSYS. What can be done with these IPX token at the moment. Is the Tachyon VPN up and available for use? Is IPX currently the only token minted through staking 2.0? Can you comment on other partnerships with high-value projects that plan to be distributed through staking 2.0 soon? Or is it too early for this?
Thank you!

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Hi @MeanMrMustard, welcome to the forum!

Right now, the IPX token cannot be used for VPN yet, as the Tachyon node network has not yet launched. You can check out progress on the code here:

That said, we’ve got a demo of Tachyon here:

As for upcoming projects that will participate in staking 2.0, there’s Walkbank, a crypto banking solution. More details on that coming soon!

Yes, IPX is currently the only token being distributed via staking 2.0, but plenty more will launch in 2020.

Thanks for your questions!

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can’t open walkbank. com