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You may have already heard about this wonderful project called VganToken, which gives out 100% of the total token supplies to community members for FREE. Yes, we started the airdrop (we call it NectarRain) about two months ago as an “alpha test”. All good, more than 99.999% of the total are still remained in pool to be distributed to all community members in the future. Pease see Vgan Contract details here:

We are just a group of friends who have made a choice to live in concert with the environment and embrace a spirit of loving kindness. We would like to invite you to join us in our experiment.

The goal of our experiment is to see if we can build community simply by freely giving away a token that has no purpose other than to spread our values, which are:

•	Mindfulness
•	Non-violence
•	Animal rights
•	Environmentalism
•	Veganism
•	Minimalism
•	Positivity
•   Consciousness

You don’t need to embrace all of these values, just one is enough.

Currently, you can get free tokens by simply signing up for the NectarRain program on Facebook and/or WeChat by following instructions from our Website:

NectarRain occurs during the new moon and full moon each month, hence you get the lucky Vgan rained on you twice a month. :smiley: And the next rain will be on the next new moon, Feb 12th (this Friday). Have fun! Thank you!! Peace!!


Hi I want to share a little bit about origins here.

A while back, an anonymous group approached me about creating a currency backed by loving-kindness.

Initially, I thought that it was utterly ludicrous.

Upon further reflection, I realized that they were likely onto something-- the brand is the world’s strongest and the concept faces few technical hurdles overall.

They’re making it widely available, and NectarRains will continue.

I don’t know who they are and I’m the furthest thing possible from a Vegan – a good breakfast for me includes eggs, meat, grass fed butter and cheese.

All this said, I think that they’ve quietly got a very interesting meme coin going here, and as we’ve learned, it’s not always the moneyness of a money that matters, but its idea.

And this right here is a very strong idea.

May you catch the sweet NectarRain