Possibility on opening more minting slots

In the design of SPoS, there are 60 minting slots in total. Currently only 15 minting slots are opened for contention. With few number of supernodes seems violate the original aim of SPoS.

This is how written in the SPoS whitepaper.

Equal minting right of the minting slots gives the supernodes equal standing and minting output in
the network. This is in contrast to Bitcoin’s mining design where there is no built-in mechanism to deter the formation of monopoly in the mining pool market, which has been shown to be a practical threat to the decentralization goal of the system.

Although not all mining power is centralized in 4 mining pools, all stakes are now centralized in the 15 supernodes.

I understand that the activities on the mainnet is not high enough to have such throughput but if we don’t have enough supernodes to understand the protocol and contribute, I’m afraid we will not have enough activities in a near future. This is what I see on Tezos and Cosmos Hub. Bakers on Tezos and Validators on Cosmos Hub understand the protocol well and they are willing to build apps and tools for the consumers to interact with the network. They earn reputation by doing so and attract their followers to stake and use the network. What I see on V currently is lacking chances for more validators to run supernodes. So I have the following questions.

  1. When those remaining 45 minting slots be opened?
  2. In the original design, there are 60 minting slots 1 second block time. Can we have 120 slots and keep 1 second block time?
  3. The minting slot now rely on NTP. Will the minting slot schedule be altered if the block producer change the local clock? Will this be a security issue when we have more supernodes?

Activities on the mainnet is not high indeed. 770,000 coins created per day really kill investors. Is possible to achieve 100 project this year? Q1 is about to pass.

I can foresee if the remaining SN slots are not opened, the activities won’t increase. We need quite some qualified SN to engage and compete each other. Otherwise, it will just be like EOS. The 21 BP keep their seats securely. They don’t have motives to improve the network and build tools while the backup and candidate BPs never see a chance to be in the game.

If there is no serve security concern, I would like to see if it’s possible to even increase the number of SN slots to be larger than 60. I don’t see a particular reason to keep the block producing cycle in a minute. The aim of SPoS is to remove the centralization happen on Bitcoin PoW. To achieve that, one way is to let less power candidate to join the ecosystem. Are we not letting students or startups to participant? Only let capital-heavy entities to get in? The limited SN slots also limit the variety of the protocol. It’s difficult to ask people to learn V Systems if it’s not easy for them to be a part of it.

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