Peercoin VPool Officially Becomes a Supernode on the V SYSTEMS Mainnet

December 9 — Today Peercoin VPool has replaced V Power to become one of the supernodes on the V SYSTEMS mainnet. Last weekend, WalkBank also announced its partnership with Staking Club on node operation, and its supernode has officially renamed as Staking Club.

Peercoin VPool is operated by the Peercoin Team. As Sunny King’s first Proof of Stake cryptocurrency project, the team will utilize the knowledge and experience it has gathered over many years to operate a trusted supernode that provides high availability and quality service for the V SYSTEMS community.

V SYSTEMS mainnet launched a year ago. Since then, the community has grown from a mere handful to hundreds of thousands across the globe. V SYSTEMS would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the community.

V Power and WalkBank are two of the earliest joiners on V SYSTEMS, they entrusted us with the shared stewardship of the V SYSTEMS network. Their faith in us fuels the community and their ongoing contribution also set a very good example to other supernodes and candidates.
We believe V Power will return with an even stronger community and continue to build on the V SYSTEMS platform.

WalkBank is currently working with the xCurrency and V SYSTEM teams to co-develop a decentralized bank platform. This move is another step for WalkBank to pave a path towards DeFi in the ecosystem.

V Power minters can now lease their coins to other supernodes for coin minting, and receive minting rewards in return. Please view the Supernode Ranklist for more details.


Sounds good. Congrats!