Octopus is Coming to V Systems! A New NFT-based Farmable Prediction Card Game

:octopus: Octopus is Coming!

The next generation NFT-based farmable prediction collectable card game

Our story

Octopus is a prediction collectable card game that combines NFT with real-world predictions. Players can obtain Octopus non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through yield farming, and exchange for cards.
In the crypto world, people like making predictions, from forecasting the Bitcoin proce to the release timeline of Ethereum 2.0, from the US presidential election to other major international events as far as South America and the Middle East. In Octopus, these predictions will be carefully designed and recorded on the V Systems blockchain with the NFT smart contracts. They will be permanently stored, unique, cannot be altered, and have extremely high collection value.

In the next version of Octopus, the platform will enable a decentralized prediction market that creates more gameplay options. Users are allowed activate their prediction cards according to the outcome of a future real-world event.

From today, the team will be updating the V Systems community on the progress of the project, tokenomics, ways to get OCT tokens here. While the team may be new, Octopus is hoping to provide you with a platform where you can be a prophet and make predictions of the world. Stay tuned to get involved.


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