New "Intro to V Systems" Video Released in Joint Production by Peercoin VPool and the VSYS Team

The Peercoin VPool supernode and the VSYS Team have come together recently in a joint effort to produce an informative intro video for V Systems. In this collaboration, the VSYS Team provided script writing, while Peercoin VPool financed and produced the video in conjunction with Chronos.

This video aims to introduce viewers to V Systems and educate them about the basic fundamentals of the network. Topics include the goal of the V Systems network, Euclid Smart Contracts, Supernode Proof-of-Stake, and Staking 2.0. You can watch and share the video below…

Video Link:

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Hey Peercoin VPool, Nice work! Thanks!!

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Does anyone have an opinion on putting some social media advertising dollars behind it to get it in front of more eyes? I think it can help work to draw more people into the community, but first, somehow they need to be exposed to the video. Currently it’s posted on Peercoin and VSYS channels, but I think it would be much more effective by getting it in front of people who don’t already know about the project. Maybe this could include advertising on Reddit, Twitter, or other platforms. Unless someone has a better idea than paid advertising to get it more exposure?