NEOWIZ Supernode Updated Announcement

Hello, we are NEOWIZ.

We are happy to announce about change our supernode brand.

NEOWIZ is a game production company and have been carrying out various projects with interest in blockchain since 2017. Currently, we participated as a node operator in several chains, striving for stable and transparent operation of blockchain.

We have seen the potential for future development at and want to help us expand the ecosystem by utilizing our experience. In the blockchain ecosystem, the stability, scalability, security, operation, maintenance, and collaboration capabilities of each node are more important than any other service. We will try to provide a stable service environment based on our existing experience.

We can work even more actively with your support! Please leasing your VSYS for NEOWIZ.
Thank you.

NEOWIZ address is as follows. Please leasing to this address.

If you lease to NEOWIZ, you will get rewards like as follows.

  1. VSYS Rewards
  • Distribution Cycles : Daily, UTC 02:00 AM
  • Operation Fee Ratio : 10% only
  1. IPX Rewards (Staking 2.0)
  • Distribution Cycles : Daily, UTC 02:00 AM
  • Operation Fee Ratio : 20% only

*Operation fee ratio may be changed in the future, and if it changes, we will notify you through this forum.