NEOPLY Supernode Announcement

Hello, we are NEOPLY.

We are happy to register as Supernode Candidate in, which has unlimited possibilities.

NEOPLY is Korean first startup accelerator, a company that has discovered and succeeded in various startups. And we have been carrying out various projects with interest in blockchain since 2017.

In particular, we tried to make the blockchain widely available, such as developing our own DApp or supporting Dapp developers. In addition, we participated as a node operator in several chains such as EOS, TRON, Terra, and IOST, striving for stable and transparent operation of blockchain.

Just like this, members who are active in various fields and who have a strong basic knowledge of blockchain are currently working together.

We, who have various experiences, have seen the potential for future development at and want to help us expand the ecosystem by utilizing our experience. In the blockchain ecosystem, the stability, scalability, security, operation, maintenance, and collaboration capabilities of each node are more important than any other service. We will try to provide a stable service environment based on our existing experience.

We can work even more actively with your support! Please leasing your VSYS for NEOPLY.
Thank you.

NEOPLY’s address is as follows. Please leasing to this address.

If you lease to NEOPLY, you will get rewards like as follows.

  1. VSYS Rewards
  • Distribution Cycles : Daily, UTC 02:00 AM
  • Operation Fee Ratio : 10% only
  1. IPX Rewards (Staking 2.0)
  • Distribution Cycles : Daily, UTC 02:00 AM
  • Operation Fee Ratio : 20% only

*Operation fee ratio may be changed in the future, and if it changes, we will notify you through this forum.


我们很高兴NEOPLY能够注册为具有无限发展潜力的v.systems的Supernode Candidate。






请大家把VSYS Staking给NEOPLY吧。



  1. VSYS 奖励
  • 支付周期 : 每日, UTC 02:00 AM
  • 运营手续费 : 10%
  1. IPX 奖励 (Staking 2.0)
  • 支付周期 : 每日, UTC 02:00 AM
  • 运营手续费 : 20%


If you access to the link below, you can know more about NEOPLY and can check out news.

Website :
Twitter: @NEOPLY_KR


It’s nice. Welcome, NEOPLY!


Great to have you as a supernode!


NEOPLY, Congrats and welcome !! All the best!!


Welcome to the family!


Thanks for the welcome, gusteau!

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Thanks for your cheers! :slight_smile:

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Libero, thanks for reply. We’ll do the best!


We are also happy to be vsys family. Thanks!


10% fee VSYS rewards and 20% fee IPX rewards, ok I’m in

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While the staking fees are one of the key factors for leasing rewards, but the leasers should also pay attention to the current capacity (i.e. the MAB as listed on of the Supernodes. Due to the fine and robust design of the SPoS (with a self-balancing feature), no one specific SN can dominate the staking power as they do in other POS platforms. You can also see some quick rewards comparison between different SNs at as well. Please don’t get me wrong, i don’t have anything aginst NEOPLY here, just wanted to share some cool features of the V Systems with the community. Actualy, despite the high current capacity, NEOPLY is still ranked among the high estimated annual rewards SNs as shown at currently. Happy leasing! Cheers!!

Thanks for the advice. We’ll continue to pay attention to the staking amount and reward management!

Thank you for your interest! :slight_smile: We always welcome VSYS holders.

Welcome to V Systems!