Introducing V-Cloud

Today we’re excited to introduce V-Cloud, which aims to make building blockchain projects faster and easier with cloud-based blockchain management services.

The initial version of V-Cloud provides a set of cloud computing services based on AWS Cloud to help integrate your businesses with the V SYSTEMS blockchain faster and easier. Users will have full control of your own resources and you can run your tokens and applications on the V SYSTEMS blockchain more efficiently.

The initial launch of V-Cloud introduces 3 cloud services:

  1. Server; V-Cloud simplifies and streamlines existing server services to meet the needs of blockchain development process. You can rent a virtual server (VPS) with your VSYS coins to match your workload in a cost-effective way.

  2. Token wallet; After setting up your V-Cloud account, users can create your own token wallet with a customized URL.

  3. Token explorer; V-Cloud provides a tailor made web portal that gives detailed information about your token, such as blocks, addresses, and transactions.

Why V-Cloud?

V SYSTEMS is the first public blockchain to offer these kinds of services. V-Cloud is a platform tailored for blockchain technology, supporting almost all technical functions necessary for blockchain and token projects, such as wallets, browsers and cloud server management.

  • Streamlined process; V-Cloud pre-select a set of cloud services that cater to blockchain businesses with the highest reliability, which simplify the process for opening an account and setting up your own cloud.

  • Tool selection; V-Cloud allows you to select specific pre-built tools and features to derive blockchain-based solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Cost saving; V-Cloud offers cloud computing services that’s payable in VSYS to save your setup cost.

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