Introducing Peercoin VPool to the VSYS Community

Hello! We represent Peercoin, pioneer of the Proof of Stake cryptocurrency founded by none other than Sunny King himself. Our candidate node Peercoin VPool recently achieved supernode status, so we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Who we are

We are the Peercoin Team, a group of individuals devoted to supporting both the Peercoin blockchain and Peercoin infrastructure like forums and explorers. Peercoin has a long legacy, being the first blockchain to be secured by the PoS consensus, and strongly emphasizes sustainable decentralization. We believe that Peercoin will still be standing after Proof of Work falls by the wayside.

What we bring to V SYSTEMS

In short, we are running a reputable supernode with our proven track record of infrastructure management. As a third party organization to V SYSTEMS, we hope to lend decentralization and credibility/dependability to the project. Together, we can help support a vibrant and diverse Proof of Stake ecosystem.

Our participation in the V SYSTEMS project does not end with our supernode however, and you will likely see individuals involved with Peercoin on the VSYS forums or message boards. Indeed, we have already played a vital role behind the scenes in organizing this very forum and Peerchemist, the Project Lead for Peercoin, is also the General Strategist for V SYSTEMS. We have a lot to learn from each other, and we can grow in harmony. After all, we do share a founder!

The Peercoin Primer

You can check out this brief series of videos as an introduction to Peercoin.


For our community and other information, please visit the following links:


Thanks for having confidence in us. We look forward to serving the VSYS community. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very exciting! Looking forward to see what comes of this


We are super excited to have peercoin join us too :grinning: #BFF


We have started distributing IPX (Tachyon) tokens today! We’ll do it daily.


Very impressive move by the Peercoin VPool team! All the best!!


Fantastic! Staking 2.0 is alive…

Introducing pyvsystems_rewards.

Alpha quality software!

In effort to increase the standards of running Super Node, and making the whole process more trustworthy and open for everyone we’ve spent last month designing a software framework which should be able to handle this with ease, while allowing for fully transparent and reproducible operation of the the SN. Framework is designed in such a way that it it is as modular as possible, with minimal codebase focusing on the essential functions, the extra functionality like user facing CLI or GUI tools are not expected to be merged into the framework but hosted in external repositories.

This library provides the accounting required to operate a successful and transparent VSystems Supernode.

The code is open-sourced and licensed under permissive BSD-3 license.

Please respect the code style and do provide unit tests for the PR.

Thank you.

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