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Welcome to the V SYSTEMS forum!
Feel free to introduce yourself in the thread below. Tell us about yourself and what brings you to the V SYSTEMS community!

What is V SYSTEMS?
V SYSTEMS (also known as VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database. The project will deliver decentralized cloud database technology to carry out complex decentralized applications and support the operation of trillions of blockchains effectively, with high scalability, durability and performance.


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Hi, I’m Jacob Gadikian, an entrepreneur and technologist with the V Systems team. Over the years, I’ve worked on or founded a number of cryptocurrency-related projects. I’ve also been active in my local blockchain community, Blockchain Buffalo. That’s where I met Craig Thornton and David Jeffreys, who I’d later travel to Hong Kong with for my own introduction to V Systems.

Craig had met Alex, our CEO through a contact of his, and was invited to come to Hong Kong to get to know the team and project better. Craig also mentioned that two of his friends, myself and David Jeffreys, were interested in coming to Hong Kong to learn more, as well. After a introductory phone call with Alex, CEO of V Systems, all three of us were green-lit to come to Hong Kong. We were all very excited, and surprised about a number of the things that we were hearing, like the fact that we had a pseudonymous founder who invented Proof of Stake on our team.

In Hong Kong, we learned that V Systems was pioneering a new way to interconnect traditional businesses through a blockchain, reducing friction, and we learned a little bit about our early partnerships. First, we met up at the WeWork in Hong Kong, meeting the entire team. Later that week, we went to Seoul, South Korea to actually begin work.

It was a fast Introduction, and when it was done I was sure of a few things:

  • V Systems is attempting something novel with its application of blockchain technology.
  • SPoS (Supernode Proof of Stake) represents a great set of tradeoffs in terms of consensus design.
  • I like this project, and the direction it’s taking
  • I’m really excited about taking traditional businesses onto the blockchain through close partnerships (I consider this key to the V Systems business model)

All that happened about six months ago. Since then, I’ve continued to work on V, and furthermore I’ve taken a role with Tachyon, one of the V Systems partner projects. It’s a marriage of minds between V Systems and XVPN, and the result is a decentralized internet protocol, the first feature of which will be the world’s first truly unkillable, unblockable VPN product. It was a fairly unlikely introduction, from a blockchain meetup in Buffalo, NY to a team based in Hong Kong, and I’m very grateful for the chance it’s given me to do such exciting work!


Hi, I’m Sentinelrv. For those of you here who don’t know me, I got involved with Peercoin in 2013 and have worked closely with Sunny King on that project ever since then. Currently I’m Brand Manager on the Peercoin Team, responsible for things such as our website, messaging and introductory material. My most recent project is helping to write the scripts for the Peercoin Primer, an educational video series covering all the major aspects of Sunny’s first blockchain. You can view that here in case you’d like to learn more…

In relation to V Systems, I’m involved in helping to push forward our candidate supernode Peercoin Vpool. Anyway, thanks for hosting this forum. I look forward to V Systems and Peercoin growing closer in the coming years and I wish all of you success!


Hey everybody, this is Logan, most of you know me as the VSys Community Ambassador with a strong ban hammer. :laughing:
Outside of Vsys, I am a long-time crypto-entrepreneur / professional, I’ve been involved with cryptocurrencies since mid-2012, that is close to 7 years now. And no, before you ask, I am not a millionaire! Quite the opposite actually haha. I have an extensive animation background and I have a strong interest in software development and a long term goal of building my own games.

I joined Vsys on the 15th of August this year and primarily because the right opportunity landed on my plate and I grabbed it with both hands. In the short period I’ve been involved with Vsys, I have made some great friends in the community and from the core team. I am looking forward to becoming an integral part of this project going into the future.

If you want to talk to me, have any queries, you can shoot me a DM in our official Telegram community or shoot me a PM right here in the forum.

Have fun guys and let’s make Vsys the next big thing!


Hello, I am new to this space and I am here to learn. I am still fascinated by the Bitcoin concept brought to us by Satoshi, and Sunny King’s Peercoin approach on energy efficiency and Primecoin’s design on proof of good works. The simple but elegant design of the SPoS for V Systems is inspiring by Sunny King again, and I look forward to see great developments in this new ecosystem to make our world better. Peace!


I’m Emmanuel from Ghana,
My first time posting here actually I followed The project on twitter and thought it wise to be on the forum.
I hope I get new friends soon


Welcome to V SYSTEMS!


Thank you so much I’m already loving here


hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’m Marija, and i work as support for design and web, for V SYSTEMS.

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Hi. I’m Max from Kazakhstan. Android Developer and Bitcoin believer :slight_smile:



Welcome all!


Hey @buckkets where is my welcome :laughing::rofl:

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Ok, I will be… @fluffhead

I was introduced to V Systems by @jacob. We worked on a previous project a few years back. I recently received a call from him where I was promptly and kindly invited to tag along at a conference in Singapore. With no knowledge of what we were doing I said yes. Upon arrival I learned of V Systems! Had a good time with them there, met some awesome people and now I’m back to join the discussions surrounding the project. Excited to be here.

Thank you @jacob!


Hi, I’m Han baba, I learned about V system at the beginning of this year. I am very happy to be here and hope to learn more.

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ǝɯoɔlǝʍ :upside_down_face:

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@MeanMrMustard here. Excited to see what comes of this project and it’s partnerships with other projects. I believe MeanMrMustard is the next track after Sun King on Beatles album Abbey Road so that explains the name. Happy to be here thank you for doing your thing here.


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