Intro to : vsys mooncrafter

Intro to : vsys mooncrafter

Hello, VSYS, we are the vsys mooncrafter community. Our community has blockchain developers, media personnel, business personnel, etc. We are a community with the spirit of craftsmanship!

There are currently six core members of the community and hundrads of community members. We will strive to develop the VSYS ecosystem and let VSYS and the community prosper together.

Election node declaration:

Dear VSYS team and VSYS holders:

We are running for VSYS node! We have been following and holding VSYS for nearly 2 years. We have maintained a high degree of respect for the VSYS team. The spirit of the VSYS team has deeply attracted us! To this end, we have established a community and are committed to developing the VSYS ecosystem!

We are a practical community, we have many ideas about the VSYS ecosystem, and we are actively participating in the construction of the VSYS ecosystem.

We plan for 2021, and of course we also have a long-term plan:

  1. Complete the basic construction of the VSYS computing power ecology/defi product, complete the two tools required by the ecology, and convert the mining capacity of a certain industry into pow+pos dual mining. Of course, we are the VSYS ecology, and one of them must be VSYS.
    This is very fast. We expect to complete the first product next week, and the second product is scheduled to be launched at the end of April.
  2. Through the product, we plan to reach tens of thousands of daily active clients within half a year, and let tens of thousands of middle and high-class people know VSYS and invest in VSYS. Of course we are very confident in our own abilities, and our expected time may be shortened drastically.
  3. Complete DEFI products.
  4. In 2021, we have other ecological plans. We will proceed immediately according to time. Our purpose is only one: let VSYS holders get rewards!
    Dear VSYS team and VSYS holders, we are a community that really does things. We are running for nodes. I hope you can vote for us and mint coins to our nodes.

Thank you

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welcmoe, mooncrafter

what ecosystems will be released from your team recently ?