Hostronix Supernode Announcement | 新候选人进入超级节点组

New Hostronix Supernode candidate!

Hello VSYS Suprenode Community,

Today I am here to introduce a new candidate into the supernode community. This node will be managed by Hostronix. Hostronix is a new business venture starting with V-Systems supernode candidate application while simultaneously running many Tachyon nodes. We have the goal of hosting many nodes for customers wanting to invest in the ecosystem. We want to host your nodes and validators! Though we are starting with the VSYS ecosystem, Hostronix will also host nodes outside of V-systems for our customers with a desire to be involved in multiple staking opportunities. You can visit our website page at our to sign up for latest updates though we will also publish here in the forums. We are happy to be a part of they VSYS community and contribute to its success. This post is needed to complete our supernode application form and the following post will be to announce that the node is up and running.

Minting with Hostronix

  1. Our proposed rate of charges for VSYS holder wanting to stake with Hostronix will be 20%
  2. Our interest cycle for VSYS rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis. At the moment that means rewards will be distributed every 151200 blocks.
  3. We will support Staking 2.0 which currently distributes IPX token for the TachyonVPN protocol. (for more info on Tachyon visit
  1. We plan to use for transparency and once they have matured enough. We may also contribute to these efforts to encourage standardization.

Please consider leasing with us as we grow!


您好VSYS Suprenode社区,

今天,我在这里向超级节点社区介绍一个新的候选人。该节点将由Hostronix管理。 Hostronix是一家新兴企业,从V-Systems超级节点候选应用程序开始,同时运行许多Tachyon节点。我们的目标是为想要在生态系统中进行投资的客户托管许多节点。我们希望托管您的节点和验证器!尽管我们从VSYS生态系统开始,但Hostronix还将为我们的客户托管V系统之外的节点,以期希望他们能参与多种利益相关的机会。您可以在我们的[](上访问我们的网站页面,以注册最新更新,尽管我们也将在此处发布这些论坛。我们很高兴成为VSYS社区的一份子,并为它的成功做出贡献。这篇文章是完成我们的超级节点应用程序表格所必需的,而下面的文章将宣布该节点已启动并正在运行。


3.我们将支持Staking 2.0,目前正在为TachyonVPN协议分发IPX令牌。 (有关Tachyon的更多信息,请访问



Welcome to the ecosystem!

Please let us know if we can do anything to help.

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Haha. Welcome Hostronix! :grinning:
You can submit logo and name of node via Application form and then we’ll list node in


Doing now! Thank you.

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Welcome to v.system!


Thank you @david-vsystems-bd excited to hear back on my supernode application!

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