HelloVSYS: Enjoy the exclusive minting experience here

HelloVSYS is one of the 15 VSYS supernodes in the world. The team has over 5 years of operation and maintenance experience. Our founder Zicen is also the founder of HelloPool and HelloEOS, the co-founder of YOYOW, an early participant in the BTS community, a translator of the Chinese version of the EOS white paper, and a well-known KOL in the Chinese community, one of the earliest DAC evangelists in China, with a wide community influence. Based on this, we have established our own VSYS community. All VSYS users can get the best minting experience, the most timely VSYS information, and 24hour professional Q & A services at HelloVSYS.

For all VSYS coin holders:

  • VSYS miners get 80% of total mining reward here
  • The annualized return of VSYS coin will reach 17% -20%.
  • Automatic daily bonus giveaways before 10:30 AM (GMT+8) every day
  • Supernode adress: AREExiJHmLb15ePMTyajnt4wb2bD4BENsM4

At the same time, of course, HelloVSYS’ll support Staking2.0, and our users will get VSYS+IPX reward as soon as possible.VSYS miners will receive at least 70% of total IPX reward at HelloVSYS.

In the past few months, we have held a number of VSYS offline activities in multiple cities in China, and posted the latest activity content online immediately, what covering more than 150,000 people. In these activities, we cut in from multiple angles and comprehensively introduced the innovation, superiority, and future development possibilities of V SYSTEMS to the audience. This move further expanded the influence of V SYSTEMS in the Chinese community.

During this period, we also planned and released multiple posters based on the development process of V SYSTEMS and the current situation of the community, which was widely reposted and discussed by community members. At the same time, we release the VSYS Weekly Report and the latest project progress articles on our content platform every week.

As mentioned in one of our posters, we believe that VSYS will take you to your destination and HelloVSYS gets your back all the way!

Welcome to HelloVSYS to participate in minting and enjoy the exclusive minting experience here!

How to participate in minting: https://vsysrate.com/wiki/vsys-coin-leasing.html

Where to download VSYS coin wallet: https://v.systems/wallet

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