HelloPool Joins V SYSTEMS as a Supernode Candidate

A top EOS Block Producer HelloPool announced to join V SYSTEMS as a supernode candidate — HelloVSYS, and will strive to support the growth of the VSYS ecosystem.

As one of the top 21 EOS Block Producers, HelloPool has well-established node operation experience and huge influence in the blockchain community with an active user base of 30,000. The HelloPool team will further leverage its network to grow VSYS’ influence and attract more developers and users to join the ecosystem.

“Founded by Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake (PoS), V SYSTEMS will have a strong impact in the blockchain industry with its pioneering consensus layer as well as the scalability. Its Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus is designed based on the original Proof of Stake principals with performance progression and considered as the best token economy model thus far. Being a key opinion leader in the DPoS community, I will strive to contribute to the development VSYS’ staking ecosystem and create valuable impacts in the VSYS community.” said Zi Cen, the founder of HelloEOS and HelloPool.

With the unique features of SPoS and VSYS Coins, token holders can lease their coins to supernodes for coin minting, and receive minting rewards in return. View the Supernode Ranklist for more details.

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