Greetings from Forbole V, the new Supernode

After being a V Systems Supernode Candidate for over 6 months, we are thrilled to become a Supernode [AR45wyKHZnmt7ujqJRT7b4hSk9wX1bjwDkz] recently. And we appreciate our early supporters helping us to achieve this special status. Thank you!

The first rewards were sent out to all leasers this Monday, and our rewards schedule is set for every Monday evening (HKT).

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] is a pioneer in blockchain staking, technical development and UX solution. We are a well-known validator and contributor in various blockchain ecosystems. We created Big Dipper, an award-winning block explorer used by people from over 140 countries.

As stated previously, we will bring more value added elements to the V Systems with our rich experiences from working in the other staking projects. We already have many good ideas to expand the V Systems ecosystem and more important, to better serve the world! Please allow us to share few of those ideas here:

  1. We plan to utilise our special established positions from other projects, by linking the other communities to the V Systems. For example, we plan to airdrop IPX to all qualified Forbole Cosmos Hub delegators when ready, so they can enjoy a useful Dapp while accepting our little gift.
  2. Similar to the the “linkage” function stated in item No.1 above, we will introduce an additional rewards mechanism based on coinage of all Forbole V leased coins, to show special appreciations to our early and long term supporters. And these extra rewards are not necessary limited to the V Systems coins/tokens, as we will utilise our special position to act as a bridge to connect between V Systems with others.
  3. We also have plans to cooperate with other meaningful projects (not limited to blockchain only) by using the V Systems to make this planet better. And many more, we also look forward to hearing from you to provide more interesting and meaningful ideas to us for consideration in the future.

We always welcome your valuable feedback, please follow and contact us via channels listed below, and save the Forbole V Supernode address


to ease your staking experience :smiley: . Again, thank you for your kind supports! Be well.

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Congrats Forbole V! We look forward to see those interesting proposals, especially the extra rewards that we can get based on coinage, such an awesome idea! Thanks!!

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