Forbole V Supernode is ready to serve! | Forbole V 超級節點已準備好服務大家!

Hi All,

We wish you and families are safe and healthy, and hope that the COVID19 will be disappeared from our world very soon. Since becoming a Supernode candidate more than 6 months ago, the Forbole team has been constantly building in the blockchain space, we are busy working with some of the key community members and also sharing the novel concept of the SPoS consensus mechanism with other PoS communities for great knowledge exchanges. After further research and interacting with a more broad audience, our confidence in is strengthened, and we are ready to become a Supernode! And we need your kind supports please!!

We believe that we will bring more value added elements to the with our rich experiences working from the other staking projects. We already have many good ideas to expand the ecosystem and to keep our communities more engaged, and more important, to better serve the world! For example, we plan to introduce an additional rewards mechanism based on coinage of leased coins to our Supernode, to show special appreciations to our early supporters. We also plan to cooperate with other meaningful projects (not necessary blockchain related) by utilising the to make this planet better. Sky is the limit, and we also look forward to hearing more from this cool community,

As a Supernode candidate, we are thrilled to receive leases to our node already, and many thanks to your big support! Our node address is AR45wyKHZnmt7ujqJRT7b4hSk9wX1bjwDkz , and we need more to become a Supernode. Thank you for your kind supports!

Be safe and well.

Terence, Co-founder of Forbole

大家好!先祝您和家人平安健康,並希望 COVID19 很快從此世界中消失。 自從 6 個多月前成為 超級節點候選人後, Forbole 團隊一直不斷的構建區塊鏈生態的同時,我們還忙於與一些 社區主要成員進行交流,並與其他 PoS 社區分享 SPoS 共識機制的新穎概念,以進行廣泛的知識交流。 經過進一步研究並更廣的交流互動後,我們對 更胸有成竹,所以我們已準備成為超級節點啦! 但是我們需要您的支持!

我們相信,我們將從其他 PoS 項目中獲得的豐富經驗,可為 帶來更多寶貴的元素。 我們已有許多好的計畫來擴展v.systems生態系統,並使我們的社區更活躍,更重要的是,我們可更好地為人類服務! 例如,我們計劃引入幣齡 (coinage) 的概念至我們的超級節點上 (Forbole V),來為我們的早期支持者增加回報,以特別感謝他們。 我們還計劃與不同的有意義之項目 (不限於區塊鏈相關) 合作,利用 以使這世界變得更美好。v.systems的發展空間是無限的,我們也希望聽到更多大家的反饋。

作為一位超級節點候選人,我們很高興已經收到些寶貴的 lease,真是振奮人心啊!:smiley: 非常感謝!我們的節點地址是 AR45wyKHZnmt7ujqJRT7b4hSk9wX1bjwDkz ,再次感謝您的大力支持!

Forbole 聯合創辦人 Terence


Great! Best of luck!!


Welcome, Forbole! :grinning: