Donations for V Telegram Group -- Supporting Logan

Hi @legendster, are you the same Logan from the TG Group as well? I am pleased to hear your initiative on giving away VSYS to active engaged users on the V TG Group, and please post your VSYS address here, so we can also join and support your kind&fun activity? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

@jacob @eucyl Can you please confirm if this is the same Logan? Thanks!



I’ve just confirmed this with Logan, he is in fact @legendster.

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I would love to see more people to support that!


I think that Logan is being too shy for not sharing his address with us. However, based on the TG give away onchain information, here is the sender’s address: ARCMvX36TofBwBQJrzciTDEkEZdwx9kW9qp please feel free to support. Be Well. Cheers!

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Hahaha I am anything but shy.

I was actually hospitalized in and out for the last 10 odd days. Only few people from the team were aware.

And yes ARCMvX36TofBwBQJrzciTDEkEZdwx9kW9qp is correct.

Thanks for all the positivity guys.

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