Community AMA with the Tachyon Team

Jacob Gadikian, a founding member of Tachyon participated in an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) event hosted in the VSYS Telegram Group on 14 December. During the AMA, Jacob introduced Tachyon’s decentralized VPN, its IPX token as well as V SYSTEMS’ new initiative Staking 2.0 to the community.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the AMA and submitted your questions. Please check the list of award winners at the end of the article.

Tachyon AMA Summary

  1. Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized internet protocol that aims to bring new levels of user privacy, security, speed and freedom to today’s Internet. Its first product will be a decentralized VPN. Moving on, Tachyon is going to be a platform for many types of services.
  2. There are several reasons for Tachyon to build on V SYSTEMS: a well-designed consensus mechanism — SPoS, the capabilities of Euclid smart contracts, Staking 2.0 initiative as well as the VSYS team’s approach to partnerships and ecosystem building.
  3. Staking 2.0 is a new initiative to open up possibilities for VSYS coin holders to participate in the development of the projects built on V SYSTEMS. All VSYS coin holders will be able to stake not only VSYS coins, but also IPX tokens. In the future, Staking 2.0 will expand to more projects built in the VSYS ecosystem.

Question 1: Can you introduce Tachyon Protocol and its technology ?

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized internet protocol.

Tachyon Protocol is a blockchain enabled network stack combining decentralization and encryption techniques. Tachyon is designed to reconstruct the TCP/IP stack by means of decentralized structure, end-to-end encryption, traffic concealing, concurrent multipath routing, and multi-relaying scheme. Basically, it takes today’s TCP traffic and carries it over to a modern, reliable multipath UDP scheme.

Tachyon Protocol is comprised of the following parts:

  • Tachyon Booster UDP (TBU) — By using DHT, UDP, real-time optimal routing, and a blockchain token to incentivize high speed provider nodes, TBU is capable of 200%~1000% transmission acceleration and over 90% connection success rate in heavily restricted network environments based on X-VPN’s experimental data.
  • Tachyon Security Protocol — an end-to-end encrypted content security protocol that provides real-time protection against man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), as well as other security issues.
  • Tachyon Anti-Content Analysis — Enhances network anti-monitoring capabilities through concurrent multipath routing and a relay forwarding scheme
  • Tachyon SDK — be easily integrated and instantaneously deployed with all popular programming languages for integration with both new and existing software. The Tachyon SDK has applications in decentralized finance, blockchain, and network security.

Tachyon protocol will bring new levels of security to today’s Internet. We are bringing users privacy, security, speed and freedom.

Question 2: What can we do with Tachyon Protocol?

As an internet protocol, Tachyon Protocol can be used in many fields, including VPN, IOT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS, etc. — jointly this will create an extensive ecosystem with many use cases and applications.

With Tachyon, every single piece of data you transmit daily on the internet will be decentralized, and encrypted, including your bank information, browsing data, files, pictures, and social media, etc. You will have full control over your data, without having a middleman, so everything will be safe and secure, and you can finally enjoy real in-transit data privacy.

Tachyon will also create the world’s largest network of coordinated nodes dedicated to serving user’s internet needs. At first, they’ll be dedicated to VPN, but later we’re going to be a platform for many types of services.

Question 3: What makes V SYSTEMS become the blockchain platform for IPX?

There are several reasons for Tachyon to build on V SYSTEMS.

The first is Supernode Proof of Stake. SPoS is Sunny King’s new invention, which allows the blockchain to be stable and secure, and is practically resistant to 51% attack. SPoS is also designed to be functionally upgradable to accommodate the increasing number of supernodes and further shorten the block creation time. V SYSTEMS is especially well-built for complex protocols and DApps, like ours. Its SPoS allows for speed and ability to scale DApps seamlessly.

The second is Euclid smart contracts. By design, the Euclid smart contracts have simplified code and logic that can minimize the likelihood of errors, and achieve better efficiency and higher throughput. V SYSTEMS aims to create a development environment that makes building, testing, and deploying smart contracts faster and easier.

The third, which will roll out alongside Tachyon, is Staking 2.0. Users staking VSYS are going to receive our ecosystem tokens, as well. In the case of Tachyon, 10% of the total supply is dedicated to distribution to stakers on VSYS supernodes. This is a huge unique point for VSYS.

The fourth is their approach to partnerships and ecosystem building. As we have seen first hand, the V SYSTEMS team is always willing to help. Tachyon required payment channels to be implemented on VSYS, and the VSYS team implemented this for Tachyon, enabling streaming real-time payments of the IPX token on Tachyon. This very close approach will be seen as we move forward, as well. V SYSTEMS also put a focus on internet and financial services for its ecosystem building. The community is connected through our supernodes, exchange and staking partners, internet and finance projects built on the platform — the resulting effect is driving accelerating demand for the usage of the blockchain.

Question 4: Why does the Tachyon Team prioritize VPN as your first product?

Our team has been focusing on issues of online privacy and data security for over 5 years. After studying a variety of factors, techniques and technologies, we think decentralized VPN will be the first revolutionary step to achieve internet privacy, and that’s why we created Tachyon Protocol.

There are 900 million VPN users around the world. They have urgent needs for privacy protection, network security and freedom. Compared with traditional network protocols, Tachyon Protocol has obvious advantages in these areas. These features are very suitable for landing on VPN scenario. Because VPN has such a high user count globally, demand will assist in quickly building out our incentivized node network.

Tachyon Protocol’s encryption and communications systems were built by X-VPN. They have years of accumulated technical experience and channel influence in the VPN industry. We think it’s best to launch with VPN first because we can do it better than anyone else.

Decentralized VPN is not a new concept. We all know Blockchain can bring real privacy & security to the VPN market, but how to combine these two to reach the perfect result? Our answer is Tachyon Protocol. A decentralized VPN can only be realized by improving foundational aspects of the internet protocol. Our foundational knowledge of the Internet stack is what makes Tachyon VPN different from other similar projects.

Question 5: The community raised that the main concern with most existing VPNs is Internet speed cause the use of VPNs slowdowns the internet speed How Tachyon VPN solve the speed issues?

Yes, you understand correctly. VPNs will reduce the speed of the network transmission, mainly for two reasons:

On the one hand, after connecting to the VPN network, the data will be forwarded by multiple servers. When a certain network is unstable, you will feel the speed drops. The Tachyon Booster UDP is to improve the VPN network stability and speed up the data transmission;

On the other hand, when the limited bandwidth of the VPN network is less than the bandwidth of your home, you will feel the speed drops. While several users on the same routing path share the VPN bandwidth, so your speed will be lower, which is determined by the network hardware facilities.

Question 6: Why is Tachyon changing application, internet and transport layers of TCP/IP, and not restricting it to only the application layer like Blockstack?

The biggest reason for this is that Tachyon is not designed for the application layer — it’s an infrastructure project. While Blockstack’s focus was on distributed applications, our focus is on re-composing internet infrastructure into something more secure and private.

One of our key work products with Tachyon is a large, distributed node network composed of VPSes, Raspberry PI’s, routers and PCs / macs. Together this node network will provide a platform for the next generation of internet infrastructure services, and dapps as well.

In summary, we felt that it was necessary to aim one layer lower than blockstack did in order to fully unleash the potential of the Internet.

Question 7: Decentralized VPN provider Orchid has launched its app, network and OXT token. What are the advantages of Tachyon Protocol over similar projects?

From product positioning

Orchid Protocol:: A Decentralized Network Routing Market, Focused on VPN

Tachyon Protocol:A Decentralized Internet Protocol, Focused on the Internet Protocol

  1. The most important thing for VPN is its function feature on privacy, data security, and network freedom. This part is mainly reflected in the adopted transmission protocol,Tachyon Protocol has done more work on the transmission protocol, providing a more comprehensive solution in terms of network connection success rate, transmission quality, data obfuscation and prevention of data leakage.
  2. The core tech of Tachyon Protocol has been tested by 50 million users of X-VPN. X-VPN has a rich industry experience and channel influence. At the same time, we also get the strong technology support by co-developing with V SYSTEMS and co-designed by Sunny King, inventor of proof of stake.
  3. X-VPN has 50 million users, the global market size of VPN is 900 million users, as the next generation platform, so this product will have a large number of users and coin holders in the future.

Question 8: What’s the difference between TOR & a VPN network? & Why VPN is better than TOR for Private & anonymous web surfing?

Simply put, the TOR network is decentralized, with volunteers contributing nodes, while VPNs provide nodes from a centralized organization.

TOR will have advantages in terms of privacy and anonymous browsing over VPNs.

But it also has obvious disadvantages:

  1. The speed is too slow, which is unfriendly for the mass users;

  2. TOR cannot avoid the Sybil attack and man-in-the-middle attack, because some organizations can join the TOR network in a short time to monitor;

  3. The TOR network relies only on volunteers to provide nodes, which lacks incentives, and most of its maintenance costs are funded by the US government, resulting in limited vitality.

Tachyon VPN combines the advantages of both the TOR network and VPNs, and also resolves some of their shortcomings.

Question 9: What are the utilities of IPX Tokens and What are the benefits of holding IPX Tokens ?

The IPX token is a blockchain token residing on the V SYSTEMS blockchain network. When you’re an IPX holder, you’re able to participate in the Tachyon network. The token provides an easy, affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth of the nodes, with the aim to strengthen stability and growth in the network.

IPX token can be used as the following functions:

  • Identity verification for provider nodes. This is essential to the security of Tachyon Protocol Network, as without token for identity verification, the malicious nodes can easily monitor the traffic and undermine the security of the network.
  • Another purpose is that the token serves to ensure the network is driven by the community participants, and not the Tachyon funding team, which will prolong the vitality of the project.
  • The IPX token can be used for both trading and store of value. The IPX token enables the Tachyon market to operate by means of pre-session locking, instant checkout and session fee collection.
  • As an important part of incentivisation and coordination mechanism, the IPX token is also crucial to the expansion of the network boundary the development of the Tachyon ecosystem.

As the first DApp project of V SYSTEMS, Tachyon Protocol uses SPoS of V SYSTEMS as consensus algorithms. And you can become a provider node by staking.

For network security and reducing the probability of being attacked, provider node creation needs at least 200,000 IPX to qualify.

Joining Tachyon Network to become a provider node can get both staking rewards and session rewards.

For the security of Tachyon Network and anti-spam attacks, each node is required to stake IPX to participate in providing traffic mining. The system will give IPX Token to the provider nodes.

Session refers to the transaction that the node provides traffic to the user. Each session reward for a node is different, depending on the price of the session, the total amount of traffic used, and the IPX price.

Provider Nodes Pre-Mining Program will be available soon. We will update you with more details once it is launched.

Please read the latest IPX Tokenomics Guide here.

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Question 10: We have received a few questions regarding the token allocation and supply. Maybe you can tell us in details regarding the economic model of IPX?

The initial supply of IPX is 1 billion.
In order to encourage more nodes to join Tachyon for network construction and community governance, and ensure decentralization and self-development of the network, we will issue an additional 5% per year to motivate the Provider Nodes.

Here’s an overview of the token allocation

Tachyon Protocol provides market for trading bandwidth for VPN nodes in the network.

(1) the user requests VPN traffic from DHT router;

(2) DHT router matches the optimal decentralized provider nodes to provide VPN traffic to the user;

(3) users and system give IPX Tokens to decentralized provider nodes via smart contracts.

IPX Token has endogenous value growth logic:

  • The increase of users means that the demand for traffic increases;
  • More traffic provider nodes are attracted to join the network;
  • The number of Tokens that can be circulated in Tachyon Network is reduced;
  • According to the velocity of money formula: M (money supply) = Q (quantity of goods for sale) * P (price of unit commodity) / V (velocity of currency circulation of the same name) , assuming Q becomes larger; P remains stable; V may become smaller due to increased internal demand for the network and the increased staking demand, then M becomes larger. If the actual increased M in the network does not surpass the demand M, then IPX Token forms relative deflation, and the purchasing power of IPX Token increases.
  • Consistent with the logic of international exchange rate, the demand for Token outside the network increases due to the increased purchasing power of IPX Token, and the actual Token supply decreases, so that IPX Token appreciates against other currencies.

Question 11: Many of our VSYS community members are super excited about Staking 2.0. Can you tell us more about it, including the launch date and how the communities from V SYSTEMS and Tachyon benefit from it?

Sure, we’re happy to give you more details.

Staking 2.0 is a new initiative offered by V SYSTEMS. It opens up possibilities for VSYS coin holders to participate in the development of the applications built on V SYSTEMS, realising the principle of “ Stake as Power ” in the latest revolutionary SPoS.

As the first ecosystem project building on the V SYSTEMS mainnet, Tachyon has laid the foundation for its blooming DeFi ecosystem. In order to promote user engagement and participation, we welcome the VSYS community to join in fruitful collaboration with the project through Staking 2.0 initiative — all VSYS coin holders will be able to stake not only VSYS coins, but also IPX tokens. In the future, Staking 2.0 will expand to more projects built in the VSYS ecosystem.

The reward scheme for Staking 2.0 is very simple. 10% of IPX token (1 billion) will be allocated to reward VSYS users who participate in staking. And The system will distribute the pool of IPX token to supernodes daily, for a total of two years.

Please read this article for more details about Staking 2.0. IPX distribution will kick start when all the supernodes support staking 2.0. We will announce it as soon as it’s available. Stay tuned!

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Question 12: We receive many questions regarding Tachyon’s listing plan, can you share some insights?

Bithumb made an announcement last Thursday that it will be the first cryptocurrency exchange which lists IPX. We’re always looking to expand exchange listings and actively pursue listings on exchanges both large and small, and at the same time focus on the advancements of technology. We hope to drive the exposure of IPX tokens and expand the user community, in order to accelerate the adoption of Tachyon technologies.

Question 13: Lastly, as we’re entering the end of the year, can you share what the Tachyon team has achieved in 2019 so far, and what are the goals and visions that Tachyon wants to achieve in 2020?

Yes, 2019 is coming to an end. We will evaluate the work, reflect the path, update the plans, and adjust the goals.

Periodic summary and planning are the working habits of Tachyon Protocol project members. For example, in the past few months, we usually update the development plan and release the corresponding version on a weekly basis. Rapid development and iteration are the guarantee for flexible response to the market environment and smooth landing. In the medium and long term, we will also summarize the achievements reflect on the problems encountered monthly, quarterly, annually. This will help the project move in the right direction.

We will complete the roadmap for Q4 2019 next week and release the beta client. This is undoubtedly a memorable milestone for Tachyon Protocol. This project was officially launched in 2019. In the process from zero to one, we will inevitably encounter various problems. Thank you for your support, we have successfully completed the tasks on roadmap.

We have high hopes for 2020. The first DAPP, Tachyon VPN, will be released officially and get more than 1,000,000 users.

Question 14: Many projects have recently focused on DeFi, enterprise solution, so with the Tachyon, how will Tachyon approach this field with Tachyon technologies?

With Tachyon Protocol SDK, exchanges, DApps, Wallets and company servers introduce advanced security and privacy protection to their services as well as faster transmission efficiency.

In these use cases, the decentralized network will be equipped with TSP encryption and simulation, as well as TAA traffic dispersing and multi-relaying; the security of the network will be increased significantly and the transmission will be much faster.

In addition to this, Staking 2.0 counts as a very significant achievement in the field of decentralized finance.

Question 15: Can Tachyon VPN help me browse the internet for free?

Yes! You have free access to your favorite streaming content and social networks, with full privacy and stable connection.

According to the plan, everyone can participate in Tachyon VPN Beta for free, but in order to truly achieve our vision, using IPX Token for purchasing Tachyon VPN will bring more vitality to the Tachyon Network. At the same time, we will also carry out Airdrop marketing activities in accordance with the specific market conditions.

Question 16: What are the minimum hardware requirements to run a complete Provider Node of Tachyon Network?

To be a provider node does not have high requirements for the hardware performance, but some certain requirements for the connected network. There will be mainly two types of provider nodes in the future.

  1. Personal PC, Macbook, router, etc.
  2. Server

For details, please refer to our requirements for servers:
OS:Ubuntu 14.04 TLS amd64/Ubuntu 16.04 TLS amd64/Ubuntu 18.04 TLS amd64
CPU >= 1 core
RAM >= 1GB
Disk >= 30 GB
Inbound ports: 22(ssh), 443(vpn service)
1 Public IPv4 Address
Bandwidth >= 50Mbps

The more bandwidth you provide, the more session rewards you get.

Question 17: What is the business model of Tachyon? How many revenue sources do you have? Is it enough for the project to survive if the crypto winter lasts longer than expected?

In fact, there was a round of private sale in the communities of V SYSTEMS and X-VPN before listing.

Tachyon Protocol is a project initiated by V SYSTEMS community and X-VPN community. Prior to private sale, this is a community project based on common interests. We continuously receive donations from the community and technical support from X-VPN, which can basically cover the initial R & D and labor costs of Tachyon Protocol. If there is no private sale, the project can also follow the established roadmap, but it is undeniable that the progress may be slower in this case due to limited budgets; in addition, the marketing is one of the key factors for the success of a project in the current competitive environment, which requires a lot of investment.

Since we do not adopt ICO to raise funds, we expect to get funded by means of private sale to expand R & D team, accelerate the project landing, and support marketing plan.

Question 18: Staking is widely used by many crypto for now. What is the difference between Staking on Tachyon and other Staking? What makes Tachyon Staking 2.0 different from others?

The thing that makes Staking 2.0 really different from traditional staking is that by staking the VSYS coin, users will receive both the VSYS coin and IPX coin. In fact, as our platform matures and more products are launched, it’ll be much more than 2 coins that can be earned by staking VSYS.

It’s really quite unique and new, and we’re all very excited to be launching it.

Staking 2.0 = stake VSYS coin, receive all ecosystem coins participating in staking 2.0

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