Bloq VSYS Supernode Now Available

Bloq is pleased to announce that you can now lease your VSYS tokens to Bloq’s Supernode.

Bloq has been around since 2016 and is a blockchain infrastructure company providing a variety of blockchain related services, including blockchain nodes for both crypto and traditional enterprises. We have added V Systems as part of our supported protocols that token holders can lease their tokens to. We have worked with various blockchain communities and are excited to build out and be a part of the V Systems community as well.

Start Staking with Bloq

  1. Set up your own VSYS wallet to store your tokens. The V-Systems VSYS cold wallet is likely the best approach. The cold wallet is a desktop wallet that is easy-to-use and more secure than web wallet alternatives.

Once the wallet APK is downloaded, follow the instructions for installation and setup. Make sure to secure your private keys when prompted and store them securely. Do not lose your private key!

  1. Once your cold wallet is set up, obtain VSYS tokens and send them to your wallet’s address.

  2. Once you’ve acquired the VSYS you’d like to stake, select the “Minting Function.”

Input the Bloq Supernode address:


  1. Click “confirm,” and you’re all set. No further action is required. Rewards (if earned) are paid out automatically each week. Bloq’s supernode carries a 20% fee on user rewards to account for operational costs including hardware, security, and regular maintenance.

If you have any questions on how to get started to stake with Bloq, please contact support at